Meet Sarah

Hello dear readers!

I’m Sarah, one of the writers for ZIP Comics. Together with Anna, I write the comic scripts and character bios for Ricochet.  The process of writing a comic issue is time consuming but rewarding. First, the story goals for the story arcs and individual issues are planned out. Next, we outline the current issue. From there, we draft the script, progressing from the obligatory awful first draft, to decent middle drafts, and finally to the finished draft we submit to the artists. The drafting process involves copious amounts of tea and frustrated groans.

Communication has always been my passion. My undergraduate degree was in writing, and I currently study Communication Science and Disorders. I am never without a notebook in my bag and several writing projects going at a time.

For me, the importance of storytelling lies in its power to connect us to others. And I’m not just talking about that instant camaraderie that’s formed upon encountering someone who happens to love the same book you do, though I have made many a friend that way.  Through stories, we encounter characters whose worlds and experiences are different from our own and, if the writer is skilled, feel empathy for them.  Although circumstances may be fantastical, the emotions characters feel are human. I may have never stood at the precipice of a great mythical battle wondering if I would see the other side, but I have experienced despair and the hope that drives it back into darkness. Stories can also give solace as we meet characters who are going through our exact circumstances. I remember the first time I met a character struggling with anxiety; it was a comforting experience of solidarity and peace in knowing that I was not alone.

Writing for ZIP Comics has allowed me to use my passion for communication and storytelling to explore complex social justice issues and the way they affect the lives of millions of people. It’s one thing to hear facts and statistics about rampant injustice, but it’s quite another to see it manifest in utterly human stories. This type of storytelling not only raises awareness but creates a closeness between the reader and the characters that breeds empathy for the real human beings who suffer from and fight injustice.

I would love to name a favorite book or author for you, but alas there are too many to choose from. If I had to offer a reading suggestion, it would be this: read widely. Read fiction and non-fiction, read books from other centuries. Read stories originally written in other languages. Most importantly, share what you read. I rarely ever regret reading books that friends recommended to me.

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