Meet Alex

Hey guys!

I’m Alex Daniels, the Business Manager for ZIP Comics. While I’m not one of the creative geniuses behind Jordyn and her world, I do my best to keep things moving behind the scenes. From accounting and financial planning to working with Josh on the legal side of things, I’m one of the people behind the logistics of this project.

Let me tell you a bit about my background to illustrate why I’m passionate about this project. I grew up in somewhat rural Wisconsin, and as a child I was raised to be extremely politically conservative. As I’ve grown up, I’ve watched about equal numbers of my childhood friends either wholeheartedly embrace the party-line Republican talking points, or completely turn on their heels and disavow anything related to conservatism. As my friends drew their lines in the sand, I watched relationships that were nurtured over the course of years be completely shattered by political and ideological rifts that were deemed too big to cross. Most of these relationships will never be repaired.

This small story mirrors the increasing division we see in our society – even more punctuated by the recent presidential election. As I’ve watched both my friends and these sides of the political aisle drift apart, the need for dialogue and open communication is paramount. My passion lies in establishing common ground between opposing viewpoints, caring about our opponents, and learning how to be persuasive while remaining respectful.

All I really want is effective communication, sound public policy, and all the macaroni and cheese I can eat. Let’s work together to make all three a reality!

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