Meet Josh

Hey all,


Welcome to ZIP Comics! I’m Josh Fort, the founder and CEO of this enterprise. ZIP Comics started out as a 14 year-old’s dream of inspiring a generation to make the world a better place. The name (aka Zeal Inspirational Productions Comics), carried with it a vision for inspiring our generation to be agents of change, while keeping in mind that it’s not good to have zeal without knowledge. For the longest time the dream gathered dust on notebooks and napkin doodles. But recently, with the help of the ZIP Team, the dream has become a reality.

My job is to encourage us to keep striving after the vision we’ve set for ourselves, helping us plan ahead where I can and supporting team members wherever possible. None of us could do this work alone, so we rely on one another to become who we hope to be.

We’re a work in progress, but changing the world is a messy business. That’s why we’re glad to have you along for the ride. Because, by working with you, changing the world becomes a heck of a lot more fun!

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