Character Bio: Trey Washington


“My bio for the Sable City Star says that I’m a dedicated reporter, a Sable City native, and the new head of the crime section. I chose to be a reporter so that I could be in everyone’s business, but in a good way. Just kidding. I love stories and giving my readers all facets of the truth, making them really think. That’s why I consider my  job as only a part of my story. I’m also a father to three – and I’m not bragging here, just stating facts – talented, gorgeous, wonderful kids.

Jordyn is my oldest. She’s the physicist of the family. I like to think she gets her strong work ethic from me. I would not be surprised if one day, they call me out of the nursing home to tell me she’s won the Nobel Prize.

Tyler’s the middle child. I like to tell him he’ll grow up to look like me. I don’t know why he grumbles about that. Male-pattern baldness is very respectable. His latest passion is video editing. He has a real gift for it. I wish I had his eye for aesthetics. The house wouldn’t look so…well, mismatched if I did. One upside of the move is that we’re closer to my sister, Atasha, and her husband, Miles. Their boy, Titus is a few years younger than Tyler, and those two get on like brothers.

My youngest, Camryn, is a busy bee. Between tennis and music lessons, I don’t know how she manages to have a busier social calendar than I do. And do I even need to say that she has a talent for getting what she wants out of me?

Maybe it’s because I grew up here, but I have a real heart for Sable City. It has its problems, but what city doesn’t? I know the move has been hard on the kids. I try to tell them how brave I think they are. It’s not easy making your way in a new place, and from what I can see, they’re rising to the challenge. Honestly, it’s hard for me too. I want to be there for Lynn, but it seems I’m doing that more through prayer than visits lately. Being close to Atasha and Miles reminds me that we are not alone; and God is not done working in our lives.”

Trey Washington

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