Meet the Team: Jack


Hey all!

I’m Jack Kinyon, and I do the storyboarding, penciling, and inking for Ricochet. In other words, after the script is finished, I look it over and plan out how each page will look. Next, each page is drawn onto beautiful, pristine Bristol board. The final step is to make the page pop with a solid ink job. Micron and Brush pens give the page its final pizzazz and – Voila! The story comes to life!

ZIP Comic’s goal of educating young people about social issues in the USA caught my interest almost immediately. As a citizen, it is easy to see that the economic, social, and political problems we face are diverse and vast. At times, they seem overwhelming. Therefore, solutions will require well-informed thinkers and doers; men and women who understand the challenges they face and refuse to fall into either vengeance or apathy. Hopefully, this comic will create this type of nation-changer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the studio beckons.

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