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Hello everyone!

I’m Amanda, the Public Relations Manager for ZIP Comics. At ZIP, we want to keep you informed about our blog activity and progress on Ricochet! That’s where I come in! Whenever you see a question on Facebook, behind the scenes content on Tumblr, or a blogpost on our website, I’ll be the one keeping you in the loop.
I was drawn to the ZIP Comics team by a love of storytelling. Specifically, I am fascinated by the power stories have to shape our ideas and transform our understandings of the world. A couple of weeks ago you heard from Josh that our mission is to relay complex lessons of social justice to our readers in a manner that inspires true understanding from an approachable source.
As a student of Psychology, I have found that case studies are one of the best methods of explaining complex concepts (bear with me). Case studies are records of qualitative research which focus on one person or group over time. The records allow students to learn about the many facets of a situation that may affect quality of life, while taking into consideration that such a study will not account for all recorded instances of similar situations. These case studies are frequently told like a story in which one sees the development of a specific situation over time; where one witnesses trial and error, conflict and resolution. Case studies allow the reader to learn from people in situations that the reader may never experience. Why can’t the stories in comics do the same?
ZIP Comics has woven the excitement of a super hero story together with the benefits of a case study. The creators of this comic project have been hard at work to give the best fictional case study that addresses real-world issues to inspire discussion and understanding. And we want your feedback. This project would be far less fun if we didn’t have the chance to interact with you along the way. This brings us full circle to my role in the team. I hope to hear from you in the comments!


Amanda Rhodes

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