Character Bio: Tyler Washington


“I’m making a documentary; it starts in our old house last year, then follows us away, so I have a record of the before and after. It’s not finished yet. Until I figure out how I want to end it, no one gets to watch the whole thing except my cousin Titus. He wants to help me with it, so he can show me all the cool places to film in the city, like the sculpture park and the historical buildings. But that’s the only good thing about moving here. Dad says I won’t have a hard time making friends. I know that. But what if I was doing fine in my old town, at my old school? Now I have to take the train or ask Dad to drive me half an hour away if I want to see my friends, and we haven’t seen Mom at all. I’m working on it.

Dad says he might be able to get me the upgrade to my editing software for Christmas, which is good, because I’ll have to cut out a lot of my footage: Jordyn talking to herself all the time, any shot that makes her look taller than me even though she isn’t, Camryn being the light of everyone’s life… Jordyn and I hang out a lot, but she’s always trying to get me to think positive. Looking on the bright side is easier for her, I guess, except that she worries too much. I know she’s just looking out for us, but c’mon! I’m thirteen, I know what I’m doing, right?”

Tyler Washington

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