Character Bio: Jordyn Washington

jordan street clothes“Dad always says to find the honest facts and stick with ‘em, and that’s what I’m gonna do. I turned fifteen on June 10th. Yep, a summer birthday, so when I was younger I got the day off homework and a pool party instead of classroom cupcakes. More importantly, being fifteen makes me the oldest, which means I set the precedents for Tyler and Camryn. We’re close enough in age to get along really well. Unless we’re playing a board game – then all bets are off. But that’s how Dad is with his sister, too, sometimes, and she keeps right on coming over to beat him at Monopoly. Now that we’ve moved north to Sable City, she and my uncle bring my cousin over all the time.

We left the suburbs because last year, my Dad finally got the reporting position he’s always wanted at the Sable City Star. It’s definitely more crowded and noisy in the city than I’m used to, but another thing Dad likes to say is that every person has a story. Here, it’s full of life. Everyone’s stories are right on the surface.

I do miss my old home, but I’m going to make the most of where I am. I’ve even made some friends already: Ani and Ben. Now that I have someone to explore the city with, I’ll go everywhere – I’ll find the best dessert places, maybe even a martial arts gym. Gotta keep my Kenpo skills sharp. Ani and I are also starting a physics club at school. Since neither of us are anyone’s second in command, we decided to be co-presidents. I’m glad I found someone who’s as much of a science nerd as I am. Everyone wants to know what I’m going to do with my life. Why do people always ask that? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll design the first space elevator.

Recently, my love of physics has taken an interesting turn. I don’t know why, but now I can see angles and vectors, trajectories and velocities, as if I have a special ‘Physics Overlay’ on top of my regular vision. Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s incredibly cool; I feel like there’s more I can do with it too. C’mon, Jordyn, you’ll figure this out. Practice makes competent. Just gotta run a few experiments, test the limits.”

thinking jordan-Jordyn Washington

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